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Returns & Exchanges

Find information about returns & exchanges by clicking here. Find information about shipping here.

Custom Cut Lens Processing & Shipping (Rx & Seasonal)

Prescription Lens Processing Once a prescription lens order is placed, the Avulux lab surfaces, cuts, and mounts the lenses into the frames chosen at checkout. Prescription lens orders, on average, take one to two weeks. Rarely, due to shipping delay

Payment Methods, Financing, and Gift Cards

Direct Payment Methods Payment via Credit Card or Debit Card Payments via credit or debit card are accepted on Avulux uses Shopify Payments as the credit card processor. Payments are PCI compliant and encrypted. Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Googl

Insurance Coverage

Health Insurance While we're unable to bill your insurer for your purchase, you may be able to request reimbursement for your Avulux purchase from your insurer. We'd be happy to provide any documentation you may need to request reimbursement from y

International Shipping, Duties, & Taxes

International Shipping Avulux orders ship from the United States (including,, and orders). Shipping options at checkout marked as Worldwide, DHL, UPS Worldwide etc. signify that your shipment will arrive from outis