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International Shipping, Duties, & TaxesUpdated a year ago

International Shipping

Axon Optics orders ship from the United States.

Shipping options at checkout marked as Worldwide, DHL, UPS Worldwide etc. signify that your shipment will arrive from outisde your destination country.

Most international shipments arrive within 3-7 days of shipment. Please allow additional processing time for any custom orders.

Duties, VAT, and Taxes

International shipments may require payments of duties, VAT, sales taxes, or brokerage fees. Duties and taxes are determined by your local authority, please check with your country's customs to determine whether you will owe duties or taxes on imports. Prices listed on the Avulux site exclude any VAT, duties, or other sales taxes.

For Example: Imports to the UK will require a 20% VAT payment.


Once your order is shipped, the courier (e.g. DHL, FedEx, UPS) will contact you to collect payment online and they will swiftly deliver your package once paid.

Duty, VAT, and Tax Refunds

If you return your order to us, you may be eligible to receive a refund on duties, VAT, or taxes paid. This process is specific to each country and you should check with your country's customs for further instructions on how to apply for a refund. For example, UK customers may fill out this linked form.

For up to date information on shipping and returns, see our shipping & returns page.

Countries We Ship To

You can find the countries we ship to by clicking the dropdown on the cart page and entering your country, city, and postal code, visit Here's what it looks like:

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