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Swapping Lenses in or out of FramesUpdated a year ago

Acetate Frames

If you'd like to swap your lenses on your own, you will need to place your frame into a bowl of warm water to soften the frame material. Once softened, you will pop the lenses out by applying pressure to the backside of the lens. You will then heat up the new frame in the same way, using a bowl of warm water, remove the clear lenses, and pop the Avulux lenses into the new frame from the backside.

Here is a video that shows you how you would pop the lenses out and place them into the new frame: Lens Popped Out Of Your Glasses? Learn How to Fix It! - YouTube

Metal Frames

Most metal frames will have a small screw along the side that needs to be loosened or removed so that you may remove the lens. Once you remove the screw, remove the lenses. Remove the screw on your new frame, place your lenses, and replace the screw.

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