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Choosing Between Prescription and Non-Prescription LensesUpdated 2 years ago


For customers who do not require a vision correction prescription, all frames available on can be purchased with non-prescription Avulux Migraine & Light Sensitivity lenses.

For customers requiring a vision correct prescription, there are several options summarized below.

Prescription Avulux Lenses

Avulux prescription lenses make the most sense in the following cases (for customers requiring vision correction):

  1. For people that would like to wear Avulux lenses continuously to proactively filter harmful, migraine-triggering light.
  2. For people with continuous light sensitivity.
  3. For people with more than 8 migraine days per month or over 15 headache days per month, to proactively filter painful light.
  4. For people that are sensitive to screens or harsh overhead lighting and are continuously exposed to screens or harsh light throughout the day.

Our suggestion is to wear Avulux lenses continuously if you're continuously light sensitive or if you experience 8+ migraine days per month or 15+ headache days per month. Wearing Avulux proactively filters harmful light and the proactive approach is recommended to more sensitive individuals. Note: Due to its precision filtration, Avulux lenses are not suitable for driving.

For wearers who prefer to have prescription Avulux glasses so they can easily swap between any other prescription glass, it's also a great option.

Fit Over Frames

Fit Over frames may make sense in these situations:

  1. For those who aren't continuously light sensitive.
  2. For those who experience migraine attacks less frequently.

A Fit Over is a set of frames that can be worn over existing prescription glasses. It's normally a universal fit and it has above brow and peripheral protection.


We suggest being proactive in managing light sensitivity. Wear your Axon Optics glasses proactively, while working, watching, or reading on screens, while under harsh lighting, or during any other trigger activity.

While we've made recommendations above, we suggest you choose the most convenient option to ensure you can easily wear your glasses when you need them most. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us.

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