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Avulux Migraine & Light Sensitivity Lenses ExplainedUpdated 2 years ago

Avulux Migraine & Light Sensitivity Lenses

The Avulux Migraine & Light Sensitivity lens is a multi-band, precision optical filter that is designed to filter (i.e. block/remove) the most harmful wavelengths of light that have been shown to trigger and worsen migraine attacks. Avulux was developed over 8 years of research and engineering.

Avulux is considered a specialty lens and it's patented and unique in the market. Several independent clinical trials have been run on the exact Avulux lens that is available for purchase today. In these clinical trials, Avulux lenses proved clinical and statistical significance on an episodic migraine population. By precisely filtering light, Avulux may help those living with migraine.

Avulux lenses are the only lenses that have been able to prove significance in managing light for people with migraine in an independent, randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled study -- the highest scientific standard.

Avulux Lens Options

Currently, there is only one type of Avulux lens available on

You may choose between:

  • Avulux Non-prescription (plano) lens or
  • Avulux Prescription (Rx) lens.

These lenses can be purchased with any of Axon Optics available frame offerings. You could even send in your own frame and we'll put our Avulux lenses in them.

Avulux Lenses vs. Blue Light Lenses, FL-41, and Sunglasses

Currently, the Avulux lens is in a category of its own, though we often get questions about what category of lens Avulux falls under. Avulux lenses are not simple blue light lenses, FL-41 lenses, nor sunglasses.

If you were to ask: "What category of lens is the Avulux lens in?" The answer would be: "Avulux".

More specifically, Avulux is a multi-band precision filter that removes up to 97% of the most harmful blue, amber, and red light while allowing beneficial green light through.

Avulux is able to filter the harmful light without distorting the wearer's color perception. Avulux can be worn indoors or outdoors and even continuously, without causing chronic dark adaptation.

Driving with Tinted Lenses

There are certain standards in the optical industry that determine whether glasses can be recommended as driving glasses

Since Avulux is a precision tinted lens which filters up to 97% of light at certain points on the visible spectrum, Avulux lenses fall outside the driving lens classification. Therefore, we can't recommend they be worn while driving. 

Customers find they can wear Avulux indoors or outdoors comfortably without distorting color perception.

Additional Questions

If you have any questions, contact the Axon Optics team. We'd be happy to help!

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