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Avulux Lens ColorUpdated a year ago

Color Does Not Drive Filtration

Avulux lenses are unique, patented, and made in the USA in small batches. It's important to know that the color of the Avulux lens does not drive its precision filtration properties. The unique organic properties of the dyes drive filtration.

Color Settling

It's possible that color dyes may experience settling after being exposed to UV, without affecting filtration.

Color Variability

You may also notice that the color of the lens can vary depending on how much light is being absorbed at any given time. In low light conditions the glasses look more rose, and in the sunlight it can look more green/grey/yellow.

Additional details on Avulux lenses:

  • Avulux lenses are RoHS10, REACH, ISO-10322, and MIL-PRF-13830B compliant.
  • All Avulux lenses have spectral transmission curves within tight tolerances and are measured using spectrophotometers at 1 nanometer increments during quality control. The filtration properties of the lenses you will receive are identical to the lenses used in Avulux clinical testing, evaluation, and validation.
  • Lenses sold by our Avulux Authorized Providers are not tinted at the provider, but are provided to to them already containing the Avulux filtration material.
  • Avulux lenses are color sensitive because of their precision filtration properties where up to 97% of light is being absorbed at the blue, amber, and red range.
  • The purpose of the lens is to precisely filter light to help the wearer manage the impact of light on their migraine condition, and the lenses will effectively serve that purpose.
  • It’s possible that one pair of lenses may contain a slightly varied color profile when compared with another pair. The multi-band precision filtration lends itself to some color variation, without affecting filtration efficacy.

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