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Adjusting Your Frames for a Better FitUpdated 2 years ago

Adjusting Temple Arms

There may be a few reasons why you'd want to adjust your temple arms:

  1. The glasses aren't level on your face.
  2. The temple arms are causing discomfort behind your ears.
  3. The arms are squeezing your head.
  4. The glasses are sliding down or falling off your face.

Lucky for you, temple arms are easily adjusted! Adjust temple arms is actually common and most people need to adjust their glasses when they first get them.

For situations where an adjustment isn't solving the problem, there are other solutions which we'll cover below.

Visit a Local Optical Shop

We suggest visiting a local optical shop with an onsite optician. Opticians have tools that can help make adjustments to your glasses and they're experienced as they make these adjustments daily.

Making Adjustments on Your Own

Some adjustments can be easily made at home, we suggest watching the following video that covers most eyeglass frame adjustments.

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